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Gale Onsite

Where’s my nurse for today? Even if a facility is 100% agency-free, this is a dreaded question on any healthcare facility floor across the country. Gale On-Site removes the stress, strife and strain of ensuring patients are connected to care.

Imagine: Easier, faster and less frantic scheduling.

Imagine: Staffing Coordinators, Shift Supervisors, Directors of Nursing, and Administrators – all with the ability to see and assess staffing information at the same time.

Imagine: No more coercing nurses to work extra shifts; no more calling multiple staffing agencies; no more back and forth calls, emails and text messages!

Placed in the hands of your trusted employees, you have full control and visibility.

No more wondering what’s going on, no more waiting on agencies to get back to you. Your whole team has immediate access to the same staffing information, allowing you to assess coverage and needs.

Gale On-Site partners with best-in-class staffing coordinator skills and astute recruiting processes to ensure facilities never have to work short again.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Sign up via Gale Healthcare Solutions and login.
  2. Add your employees and your bench.
  3. Direct your employees and your bench to add their availability.
  4. Add your shifts.
  5. Watch Gale-On Site go to work – automatically matching your employees and bench to shifts that meet your needs!

Gale On-Site reduces the mayhem of staffing and P.P.D so our clients can focus on what they do best: build cultures of great patient care.

Your Next Step: Gale On-Site requires a facility to be working with Gale Healthcare Solutions and its revolutionary Gale app. For more information and to get signed up email:

» available in the Google Play Store

» available on iTunes


If you have a question about our applications, find a bug, or need any other type of assistance, please fill out the form below and we will be in contact with you.